Matchett Matters

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Matchett have been working with Cisco for over a decade. Since 2005 they’ve worked extensively on their Cisco Sales Associates Programme. . Each year Cisco recruits 150 graduates from European & Emerging Markets. After a year of intensive learning in the Netherlands, the goal of the programme is for the Cisco Associates to return to their home countries as successful Account Managers and System Engineers.

Matchett have helped Cisco to design, develop and deliver a training programme based on selling skills & behaviours. In topics such as negotiation, handling objectives, and communicating effectively with different levels in organisations. They also developed the content for and helped run the quarterly assessments, by engaging in role plays that measured the Associate’s skills and behaviours.

The feedback following the programme was that these relatively inexperienced Associates were able to communicate effectively and conduct very successful sales calls. They were able to ask the right questions, display good listening skills and overcome objections.

Cisco’s Paula Rossini, Programme Manager, says of Matchett; ‘Matchett are very innovative, they come up with different ways of doing things and they’re always ahead of other learning partners. They adjust to the company they’re working with. Most of all I value our relationship with Matchett. They’re an extended part of the Cisco team. Every time a change occurred in the project they were always ahead of us, thinking with us and generally making it work, to make us both successful.’

Matchett continue to successfully work with Cisco on this and other programmes.